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In the world we live in, skin is everything! The mere sight of a spot/pimple/blemish sends us ladies into a frenzy! Magazines and newspapers ridicule celebrities with imperfect skin, and hound on those with acne. However, thankfully, beauty specialists have developed what is known as BB [ blemish balm] Cream.

The cream was originally founded my German dermatologist Christine Schrammek in the 1960’s and then went on to be developed by Korean beauty companies in the 80’s.

Today there are dozens of BB Creams on sale in stores but today I will be focusing on probably the most renown BB Cream by Garnier.


This cream is available in two shades; light and medium. It provides good overall coverage of blemishes and sports however I do find that in fine lines or creases there is a build up of the product. It’s easy to smooth over if this build up occurs. As well as providing coverage is blemishes it also acts as a barrier tot he sun with a fantastic SPF 15. Perfect for weather all year round. This BB cream has a lot of uses, it hydrates the skin but doesn’t feel greasy, as I said before it protects the skin with SPF 15, evens the tone of skin [ especially pregnancy pigment and red cheeks ], and I also find it brightens up my skin, giving me that all round, infamous glow.


I know the photo’s aren’t great quality but you can see that the redness in my cheeks and darkness around my eyes have brightened up a considerable amount.

For the purpose of full showing you the outcome of the cream I have no other form of make-up on!

Overall I think I’d have to give this cream a 8/10. I’m not giving it full marks because of the build up and the lack of shades available. Hopefully Garnier will introduce more shades to the market very soon!

Have any of you tried BB creams? What are your thoughts?