New theme?

Hi guys! I’ve just decided to change the theme/pictures etc. of the blog – what do you think? Yay or Nay? 

Just thought I’d go for something a little different instead of the typical pinky, girly beauty blogs out there! Would appreciate any thoughts or ideas. 


P.S Will be updating blog with many reviews soon from brands like Benefit and L’oreal! Stay tuned 🙂 


Glossybox October


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Hi everyone! This is the October edition of Glossybox and I can safely say it’s a cracker! They’ve definitely upped their game on this box.

This months box focuses on DIY beauty, with products ranging from skin to nail care and everything else in-between to enable you to have your own little pampering sesh at home!

ImageAnatomicals Body Scrub: This is a lovely grapefruit body scrub that leaves your skin gloriously sweet smelling and soft!

Skinetica Anti-blemish: Eek! Where to start? It works, it gets rid of spots and blemishes within two to three days, however has an overwhelming rat poison type of smell! I think I’ll stick to witch hazel!

Olay regenerist: Fab product, does exactly what it’s supposed to. Wish I got a bigger sample though.

Dr Jart+ premium BB cream: I wrote a few weeks about how glorious the Garnier BB cream is but frankly, it cannot compete with Dr Jart! This really does provide full coverage, doesn’t smelly funky and lasts! I cannot express my love for this product enough! Truly magical, definitely recommend it – and it’s SPF 40!

Yves Rocher moisturising lipstick: This lipstick is a premium brand and probably the most expensive lipstick I own at £14.95! I got the mauve colour which is perfect for Autumn/Winter trends. It glides on easily and leaves lips moisturised, however I found that I needed at least two coats for even coverage!


Swatch of Yves Rocher lipstick in Mauve

What did you think of this months box? Get anything different?

Manic Monday!

Ahhh! Guys, sorry for the lack of posts lately! It’s exam season here and I’m cramming my brain full of maths at the moment so haven’t even had time to go online!

I’m here now though, so expect a full backlash of posts, especially now the Glossybox October edition just arrived this morning!

Thanks to everyone who has been following my blog! Much appreciated, love you guys! xo

The miracle skin perfector – BB Cream!


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In the world we live in, skin is everything! The mere sight of a spot/pimple/blemish sends us ladies into a frenzy! Magazines and newspapers ridicule celebrities with imperfect skin, and hound on those with acne. However, thankfully, beauty specialists have developed what is known as BB [ blemish balm] Cream.

The cream was originally founded my German dermatologist Christine Schrammek in the 1960’s and then went on to be developed by Korean beauty companies in the 80’s.

Today there are dozens of BB Creams on sale in stores but today I will be focusing on probably the most renown BB Cream by Garnier.


This cream is available in two shades; light and medium. It provides good overall coverage of blemishes and sports however I do find that in fine lines or creases there is a build up of the product. It’s easy to smooth over if this build up occurs. As well as providing coverage is blemishes it also acts as a barrier tot he sun with a fantastic SPF 15. Perfect for weather all year round. This BB cream has a lot of uses, it hydrates the skin but doesn’t feel greasy, as I said before it protects the skin with SPF 15, evens the tone of skin [ especially pregnancy pigment and red cheeks ], and I also find it brightens up my skin, giving me that all round, infamous glow.


I know the photo’s aren’t great quality but you can see that the redness in my cheeks and darkness around my eyes have brightened up a considerable amount.

For the purpose of full showing you the outcome of the cream I have no other form of make-up on!

Overall I think I’d have to give this cream a 8/10. I’m not giving it full marks because of the build up and the lack of shades available. Hopefully Garnier will introduce more shades to the market very soon!

Have any of you tried BB creams? What are your thoughts?

L’Oreal Colour Riche lipstick review


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Hi guys. I’m sure you’ve all heard of L’Oreal’s Colour Riche lipstick range, right? I’ll give you the down low anyway. The Colour Riche range combines vitamin E and Omega with gorgeous colours to create a moisturising lip colour that lasts all day.


The two colours I’ll be reviewing are 390 Nude Treasure and 303 Rose Tendre.



Nude Treasure is exactly as the name states! It’s a gorgeous very light nude colour with gold sparkles. Very JLo-esque! It’s a gorgeous daytime look that works great with dramatic eyes. I absolutely love this colour, it’s very wearable for any skin tone/hair colour etc. Just a flick of mascara and a coat of this lipstick and you’re ready to go!

Rose Tendre is a very girly baby pink tone with a light silver shimmer. Like Nude Treasure, it’s very moisturising, however I do find that on my skin tone [ light olive ] it makes me look a bit like a cheap doll. I’d say this colour would mainly be suitable for pale/fair skin tones.


Wear Nude Treasure with a purple based smokey eye, a coat of lipgloss and bronzer to achieve the staple JLo look.

Have you tried any of the Colour Riche range? What are your thoughts?

Revlon nail polish swatches and reviews


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Hi guys, this summer I went on a bit of a nail polish shopping spree and bought tons! My two favourites however, have been from Revlon. One is a pretty ballerina number with pink glittery sparkles in different shapes called ‘261 Sparking’ and the other is quite a funky reddish pink suitably named ‘Watermelon fizz’ with matching watermelon-y scent!


Now, what I did find is that both polishes needed at least two coats to really see the beauty in them. The glittery pink number is gorgeous on very short nails [ if you have a biting/breaking problem like myself ] as I tend to find that girlies with short nails can’t pull off a lot of colour in their nails, for instance, a deep fiery red, really does belong on the most elegant of fingers and nails – just my opinion!

You’ll see in the pictures my little stubby digits can just about pull off pretty polishes so I think, all in all, they’re both very wearable for every day use. Another bonus is that there isn’t that overpowering chemical smell that you sometimes find in cheaper polishes [ or the free ones in magazines 😉 ]



Et voila! The finished product – I didn’t have time to paint all my nails but you get the picture – gorgeous polish at a snip of £6.49 each. You’ll find them in any Boots or Superdrug, probably even Tesco!

What do you think of the idea of scented nail polish? Is there any point? 

Current wish list!


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Ahh, where to begin? This autumn the shops are filled to the brim with things I want, nay, NEED! I’ve managed to compile a short and sweet list of my current desires – here we go!

I am just dying to get my paws on that gorgeous River Island bag! Lets admit it girls, without bags where would we be? Bags can dramatically change an entire outfit. They can either make or break an outfit, I feel. I have absolutely tons of bags hidden in every crevasse of my house. I don’t know how men just put things in their pockets and let them just hang there? Having things in my pockets just annoys the hell out of me!

Anyway, that’s my post of my current wish list for this Autumn and no doubt I will be shopping this weekend in the hope if finding the stuff in store!

Ciao, ciao for now!

Charles Worthington Salon at Home range


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A while ago, in Boots, I was aimlessly shopping and happened to notice Charles Worthington has brought out a new range aptly named ‘Salon at Home’. There are four kits: Straight and Smooth [for non coloured hair], Straight and Smooth [ for coloured hair ], Shine Booster and Strength and Repair –  all retailing at £19.99.

Noticing after years of dyeing/bleaching my long locks I decided to invest in the Strength and Repair kit. The box says it strengthens and repairs hair by up to 93% – not bad at all! The kit gives you approximately 4 treatments, depending on hair length, damage etc.


The kit contains: 

– One pair of gloves,

– Repair oil,

– Strength and repair shampoo,

– and, a repair masque.

Oh, of course, instructions too!

I look forward to trying this out and will let you know my thoughts of it in the next few weeks! Have any of your tried any of the kits? What are your thoughts?

Glossybox September


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Hi everyone, this will be my first review. I’ve just subscribed to Glossybox and received my September box last week.

The box is beautifully designed by up and coming illustrator Maggie Li, it’s a gorgeous soft pastel minty green with little pink and white beauty icons splashed all over.

[Apologies, pictures were taken with my phone as I can’t find my camera!]



Lady Gaga Fame fragrance: 

Now this is a fragrance I just love! It’s described as “An opulent, crushed floral fragrance that’s black like the soul of fame but transparent once airborne” – quite a description eh? It smells so girly and sweet it’s hard to imagine why it’s entrapped in such a creepy looking bottle but I guess that’s Lady Gaga for you!

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial Sachet’s:

The sachet packaging looks interesting, however given only 2x1ml samples I wasn’t impressed with! I’m all for facials but have never tried serums so I’ll definitely be looking forward to trying that very soon!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream:

This eye cream is 99% natural origin ingredients which is great and smells of gorgeous essential oils. The packaging of orange/white reminds me of Sanctuary products! I’ve never tried eye creams [ but Lord knows I need to! ]] so I’m excited to try this.

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Cream:

I was surprised to see this in the box actually as it’s a high street brand [ one I adore though ]. It has a very comforting smell, nothing too strong, nothing to dull, just perfect. Very lightweight and non greasy which is perfect for me as I always use creams on my hands. Great product but not so sure it should be in Glossybox!

BioSilk Silk Therapy:

I love hair oils, like Argan oil, so was very happy to be seeing this in the box! It’s much like Argan oil but much more lightweight I find! It’s more expensive than other hair oils on the market though at £15.80/50 ml!

What do you think about September’s box?

Hello world!

Hi guys and girls. This is my first blog and will mainly, well, probably be a mish-mash of things I’m interested in, ranging from beauty/make-up to jewellery. I hope to post regularly and most of all, I hope you enjoy!

I’ll tell you all a little more about me in the posts to come so stay tuned!



Donna xo