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Hi guys, this summer I went on a bit of a nail polish shopping spree and bought tons! My two favourites however, have been from Revlon. One is a pretty ballerina number with pink glittery sparkles in different shapes called ‘261 Sparking’ and the other is quite a funky reddish pink suitably named ‘Watermelon fizz’ with matching watermelon-y scent!


Now, what I did find is that both polishes needed at least two coats to really see the beauty in them. The glittery pink number is gorgeous on very short nails [ if you have a biting/breaking problem like myself ] as I tend to find that girlies with short nails can’t pull off a lot of colour in their nails, for instance, a deep fiery red, really does belong on the most elegant of fingers and nails – just my opinion!

You’ll see in the pictures my little stubby digits can just about pull off pretty polishes so I think, all in all, they’re both very wearable for every day use. Another bonus is that there isn’t that overpowering chemical smell that you sometimes find in cheaper polishes [ or the free ones in magazines 😉 ]



Et voila! The finished product – I didn’t have time to paint all my nails but you get the picture – gorgeous polish at a snip of £6.49 each. You’ll find them in any Boots or Superdrug, probably even Tesco!

What do you think of the idea of scented nail polish? Is there any point?